Lawn & Shrub Care Programs

Lawn Care Program: Includes 8 applications per year

Fertilizer – Properly timed granular and/or liquid feedings to promote thick, vibrant green grass with a vigorous root system

Pre-emergent Weed Control – Early spring and fall application to create a pre-emergent barrier and prevent weeds from invading your lawn

Post-emergent Weed Control – Ongoing tailored applications to get rid of over 40 of the most common lawn weeds

Lawn Insect Control – Applications to clear out destructive chinch bugs, sod webworms, mole crickets, and other turf damaging insects as needed throughout the year

Fungicide for Brown Patch – This fungus is a soil-borne organism which attacks grass during periods of high humidity and moderately high temperatures

*Soil Amendments – Based on the results of lab testing, amendments are added to correct nutrient deficiencies and Ph balance. Lime and Sulfur applications are applied as required

* Additional charges may apply.


Shrub Care Program: Includes 6  applications per year

Fertilizer – Granular and/or liquid Fertilizer containing micro nutrients to give your shrubs the food they need to flourish

Horticultural Oil – Applied to plants in early spring and fall when they are dormant to prevent insects and fungus infestations

Insect Control – During peak season, plants will be inspected for signs of insect activity such as boring and tunneling; These problems will be treated quickly to prevent further activity

Fungicide – Plants will be inspected for signs of spots, blotches, blights and mold; Contact or systemic fungicides may be applied to cure these problems


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