Enhancement Services

Tree & Shrub Installation – Trees and shrubs add value to your property by 
creating curb appeal. We often include layering to add interest to your beds and 
landscape. New plants can be added to an existing landscape or we can create a 
whole new design for your yard

Sod Installation – There is no better way to enhance a less-than-perfect lawn. 
Whether you are replacing the entire yard or just a portion, Grass Roots will help 
you choose the turf, prepare your site, and install your new sod.

Mulching – Keeps ornamental plant beds healthy and attractive. It also helps 
retain moisture, prevent weeds and moderate soil temperature.

Annual planting – Different varieties of annuals can be used in both fall and 
spring to add color and beauty to your landscape. They also help to create focal 
points within your ornamental plant beds.

Aeration – Removes small cores of soil from your lawn to allow air, moisture 
and fertilizer to get down to the root zone. It helps to control thatch, creates 
growth pockets for new roots, increases drying of wet areas, improves soil 
composition, relieves compaction from traffic and improves response to 

Top dressing – Stimulates the grass to produce new shoots, which results in a 
more dense grass cover. This helps to combat the onset of weed and moss 


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