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Why hire a professional to work on your lawn, landscape, or plant care project?

Many homeowners don’t realize what a landscape professional can do to help them improve their living environment. Landscape professionals can offer a variety of services, including lawn and shrub care treatments; installation of plant and hardscape material, such as patios, decks, retaining walls, and irrigation systems; and maintenance of your property based on your specific needs and requests. Many firms have landscape architects and designers on staff, who have the expertise to create and orchestrate the complete design, installation, and maintenance of the most complex landscapes.

For commercial enterprises, the advantages of a professionally installed and maintained landscape go beyond “curb appeal” right to the bottom line. A well-designed landscape invites everyone — employees, customers, vendors — in, resulting in higher occupancy rates, increased rentals, and lower vacancies. However, the benefits go beyond occupancy when you consider that the proper selection and placement of plant material can lower heating and cooling costs by as much as 20 percent while creating a healthier environment. The use of landscape to lower noise levels and enhance unpleasant views are economical alternatives that add up to increased profits.

When choosing a company to handle your lawn, landscape, or plant care needs, be sure the company you hire has Landscape Industry Certified individuals on staff. This gives you confidence that your job will be completed with a commitment to a higher standard of knowledge and execution.

Basic RGBThe National Association of Landscape Professionals offers an INTERNATIONAL certification program designed to raise the standards of the green industry. The program recognizes professionals who have taken their experience, skills, and desire for excellence to the next level by studying, testing, and becoming certified. They stay on top of their game by maintaining their certification through required continuing education.

When hiring a landscape professional, it can be difficult to wade through your choices to find a service you can trust. Looking for the Landscape Industry Certified logo makes it easy!

A Standard of Quality

Hiring a Landscape Industry Certified professional gives you peace of mind in knowing that you are choosing someone with a distinguished level of professionalism and technical knowledge to care for your landscape, lawn, or indoor/outdoor plants. A company with a certified staff member is invested in offering you:

• BEST PRACTICES – the proper management and care of your property.

• BEST PERFORMANCE – Skilled execution of top-quality work.

• A DEDICATION TO SAFETY – An emphasized attention to safe handling of equipment and application of products to your property.

• SUPERIOR KNOWLEDGE – An up-to-date, ongoing education on current tools and techniques to enhance the technical skills used to improve your project.

An Easy Choice

By choosing a lawn care, landscape, or plant care service, especially one with Landscape Industry Certified individuals on staff, you are getting:

• A CUT ABOVE THE REST – Certified individuals have taken their experiences, skills, and desire for excellence to the next level by studying, testing, and becoming certified.

• A SELECT INDIVIDUAL – Certified professionals represent an elite group, demonstrating a commitment to technical expertise and industry knowledge to better serve you and your needs.

• AN ENVIRONMENTAL COMMITMENT – Certified individuals have a thorough understanding of land stewardship to offer quality results on your property.



Hire a Landscape Industry Certified professional today.

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Watering your lawn.

irrigation-systemThe most important thing any lawn needs to maintain good color and health throughout the year is water.

On average, your turf requires one inch of water per week. This includes any rainfall that occurs. When you water, early morning is the best time. This allows the grass to dry quicker without losing evaporation like you would if you watered during the hotter parts of the day. Watering at night is also bad for turf because the grass stays wet longer which promotes turf diseases that can harm the plant. Water your lawn deeply and infrequently. Try watering a third of an inch three times per week when there is no rain.

The best way to water your lawn is on an “as needed” basis. The easiest method to determine whether your turf needs water or not is to use the “footprinting” technique. If you step off the grass and you can still see your footprints there after a few seconds, your turf needs water. Another way to tell if your turf needs water is to look at the leaf blades. Dry leaf blades will fold in half making your turf look spindly. The turf will also take on a blueish grey color. If you see any of these symptoms in your turf, it’s time to irrigate.

Many irrigation systems are poorly designed, which can cause problems for your landscape. Improper sprinkler head placement and adjustment is the number one reason for poor irrigation coverage. You should have your system checked, at least once a year, to make sure it is running properly. The lack of rainfall this time of year, makes identifying irrigation issues much easier. Hot spots in your lawn will develop in areas that are not getting the coverage they need. Adjustments and/or repairs may be needed to solve these issues.

Improper watering can have devastating effects to any lawn. There is no quicker way to loose a lawn than improper watering practices.

Call Grass Roots Lawn & Landscape, Inc. (850)897-3073 Niceville  (850)832-4212 Panama City Beach for all your Irrigation needs. We have a Licensed Irrigator on staff.


When to fertilize?

181184_399661083404378_783776269_nWith our warm season grasses (Centipede, St. Augustine, Bermuda and Zoysia), it is best to wait until the grass has completely greened up in the spring before applying any fertilizer. This is usually mid April in our region. Fertilizing too early (before green up) can result in turf injury and leaching of fertilizer nutrients.

Centipede is a low fertility grass. It grows at it’s best, with fewer problems, when fertilized only once or twice per year. Once after green up and possibly a second application during the summer.

St. Augustine might also get by on one spring application; however, it is more common to apply a second application during the summer. Bermuda and Zoysia will require fertilizer applications 2-3 times over the growing season. Over fertilization promotes thatch, turf decline, pest problems and degradation of the environment from leaching of nutrients that can end up in our ground water.

In order for our lawn grasses to efficiently use fertilizer, consistently warmer nights are required. Fertilizing a lawn before soil temperature is adequately warm results in waste of fertilizer and possible lawn injury.

Despite the fact you can force a lawn to turn green early with high nitrogen fertilizers, it’s a false sense of accomplishment. That new green growth is dependent on availability of other elements, some of which are poorly available under the cool soil temperatures of late winter and early spring. Iron, for example, is not readily available when the soil is cool. This is exactly what happens when your lawn begins to turn bright yellow after being fertilized too early. You induce or cause a nutrient deficiency by fertilizing too early. It’s a matter of the soil being too cool to allow the roots to take in needed iron to support the new growth caused by fertilizing too soon.

There are other needed nutrients, such as potassium, which are not readily available under cool soil temperatures. Waiting to fertilize during more favorable soil temperatures allows for more efficient use of the fertilizer and less waste. It’s best to wait until mid April to fertilize your lawn.

Reference: University of Florida Institute of Food and Agricultural Science/Okaloosa County Extension

Did you know, anyone who applies fertilizer commercially, must have a Limited Commercial Fertilizer Applicators License? They must be trained under the Green Industries Best Management Practices (GI-BMP) through the Florida Department of Environmental Protection and the University of Florida Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences. Grass Roots Lawn & Landscape, Inc. took the initiative, and was one of the first companies in our area to get our people trained and Licensed. As professionals in the Landscape Industry, it’s our responsibility to minimize the negative impacts to the environment whenever possible.

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May/June Newsletter

Want more in-depth information about proper watering techniques and lawn care practices? Check out our blog Grass Roots Blog. Interested in finding out more about our new fire ant and mosquito applications? Visit our website If you have a specific topic you would like to see addressed on the blog, send us an email and let us know. If you have a lawn or landscape-related question please use our Q & A Facebook Page Ask Turf Pro.

Lawn Maintenance

Is it hot enough for you?  Extreme heat is stressful for your turf. To combat this you might notice that your maintenance crew is mowing your turf higher than usual during periods of drought. This is also the time of year we also experience periods of excessive rain, so please be aware that your service day may change due to severe weather or if your yard is so wet as to prevent mowing.  The health of your turf is always our first concern when determining how we service your yard.


Proper irrigation is of the utmost importance during this time of year.  The best way to determine if your lawn needs water is to use the “footprinting” technique.  If your footprint is still visible a few seconds after stepping off, your lawn needs water.  If you notice that the blades of your grass are folding in half, or that your lawn has taken on a bluish-grey color, it is time to irrigate.

Lawn Care and Shrub Care

For the health of your lawn, our lawn care technician will be applying more granular fertilizer to your turf for the next few months.  We continue to monitor and spray as necessary for mole crickets, chinch bugs and weeds.  Our shrub care technician is spraying a preventative insecticide for scale and other ornamental insects along with monitoring for fungus and diseases.


If you haven’t already installed a fresh layer of mulch this year, now is a good time.  A 2- 3 inch layer of mulch helps to moderate soil temperature and retain moisture in the soil for the health of surrounding plants. This is also a good time of year to meet with our landscape designer to create a plan to redesign your landscape or enhance existing plant beds before the end of the season.

claytonEmployee Spotlight

Meet the Grass Roots Irrigation Team: Clayton and Arturo. They perform irrigation checks and adjustments for our irrigation   program customers. They are skilled at installing new systems, modifying existing systems,and troubleshooting and making any necessary repairs.

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